The Treasured Right-Here

for Caroline

With worries ahead of me

and worries behind,

a breath helps me see

right now none are mine.


When I follow the path of Breathe-Out

it is clear

that Breathe-In can keep me

in the treasured Right Here.


So in and out,

day after day,

I practice and notice and play

and play.


And though challenges will always

appear and arise,

I’ve practiced my noticing

and see through their disguise.


They’re just bits and pieces

to be nibbled away,

and nothing to ruin

this beautiful day.

Skipping along the path

This is my first teaching blog post, but I’ve been sharing a lot of the ideas I’ll soon be sharing with you with my students for many years now. I’ve discovered that generally our SELF is the biggest obstacle any of us face when it comes to learning new skills. Who could really blame the brain, though, when you consider how much energy it takes to adjust habits or build new ones? It’s always easiest to just keep doing what you have been doing.

Problem is, that’s not always the most effective (or fun) way to do it!

I’m excited to share with you the research I’ve done and tips and tricks I’ve found that make this whole story-singing endeavor more enjoyable. You have to be willing to dive in, though, and celebrate the messiness of it all. I constantly tell my students that you have to approach this instrument as if you are a curious scientist or detective. The willingness to examine your vocal production and all of the thoughts and muscles and emotions and intentions that wrap together to produce your singing is the key to success.

I will share ideas about how to make the best use of your practice time, how to embrace the nervousness that comes with any performance, and how to understand the fundamentals of how the voice works as an instrument. We’ll shine the spotlight on focus and intention and see how these skills are some of the most crucial for our entire journey. We’ll examine what it means to really connect with our audience and the story we are conveying.

There’s so much “good stuff,” so have patience and try out whatever calls to you. And let me know how’re you’re doing in the process… sharing is one of the priorities of living, right?


Welcome, fellow adventurer!

Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey of exploration and discovery.  From the beginning, the human mind and body has been equipped to tell stories and the voice has been a powerful ally in this pursuit.

Using the voice as an instrument, though, requires thinking about and using our bodies in a slightly different way than we might be familiar with in our everyday lives.  Also, learning to make these adjustments in habits can be a much more enjoyable process if we apply what has been learned about learning.  After all, we humans have been working on it for a long time.  Let’s stand on the shoulders of the explorers that have gone before us!