Book Review: The Creative Habit, Learn It and Use It for Life

Twyla Tharp calls her book “a practical guide” to tapping into what all great artists know: to increase your level of growth and potential for success you need to make your creative endeavors a habit.  This idea is nothing new (I don’t think any idea really is), but it is a very important one to revisit regularly.  Ms. Tharp uses her experiences as a long-time successful choreographer to help us understand how her creative habit unfolds daily and through projects, as well as shares with us the high and low points along the path of her art.

Yes, there are times in the book when her opinions are stated as facts, as well as times when an idea presented contradicts an earlier one.  I appreciate and understand what she is ultimately sharing, though, and enjoy taking a peek behind her creativity curtain.  Learning how other people “do” their lives is always fascinating and fruitful for me.  I love trying on other people’s ways of doing things and adding what works to my personal toolbox of life.

I recommend this book if, like me, you’re always looking for new ideas to help keep your creativity flowing.